Asia Agriculture Pool

With food security becoming an increasing focus in Asia, agriculture risk management has been identified as one area that can concretely contribute to improving people’s access to food. Drawing on its experience and expertise in capacity pool management, ACRM‘s Asia Agriculture Pool (AGP) is a sustainable solution to managing the evolving agriculture risks across the Pan-Asian markets, from China and Japan to the Middle East.


The AGP provides agriculture reinsurance and retrocession coverage for Asian agriculture risks through mainly quota share and stop loss agreements, for both facultative and treaty business.


Insurers and reinsurers can participate as members in this agriculture risk capacity pooling initiative through capacity contribution. In turn, members of the AGP reap diversification benefits and share the returns from the portfolio of agriculture risks in the pool.


The AGP accepts primarily crop, livestock and forestry business as well as other types of agricultural-related business such as aquaculture and greenhouses.


For enquiries, please contact:

Brian Choi

Senior Underwriter, Natural Hazard Underwriting, Asia Capital Re

+65 6305 8159