Asia Catastrophe Pool

The Asia Catastrophe Pool (ACP) is a risk initiative managed by ACRM based on a sustainable, Asia-based, Asia-driven and Asia-wide risk-sharing concept for natural catastrophe exposures. It aims to provide a regional platform for catastrophe risk aggregation and management across the Pan-Asian markets, from the Middle East to China and Japan.


The ACP is designed as a catastrophe retrocession facility, arranged through quota share retrocession agreements, which only accepts Asian natural catastrophe risks. Participation of insurers and reinsurers as pool members works on the basis of risk-sharing. This groundbreaking, pioneering initiative combines socio-economic and commercial rationale and the fundamental economic value proposition lies in the more efficient use of capital and risk diversification, providing mid- and long-term benefits to participating pool members and cedants.


The ACP accepts primarily Property Catastrophe Excess of Loss business, but non-Property business such as Motor Hull or Agriculture may be considered if coverage is for natural perils only.


For enquiries, please contact:

Brian Choi

Senior Underwriter, Natural Hazard Underwriting, Asia Capital Re

+65 6305 8159